Welcome to LUV2U's website!! LUV2U is a business that was founded in 2001. The idea of doing Orange Blossom scented perfume and candles was a gift idea for the mother of the founder of LUV2U and it turned out so well it ended up evolving into a business. The LUV2U perfume and candles have been in Gift Shops across the Phoenix, AZ valley and in a few shops across the country.
The innovation with the perfume is that it's the world's first moisturizing perfume, using a moisturizing emollient oil instead of alcohol as the carrier.
The innovation with the candles is that they have 5% fragrance instead of 1% like most candles, so the "throw" is much more dominant.
More innovative products are on the way, thank you for your business!!

1103 N. Poplar Dr.
Chandler, AZ 85226
Phone/Fax: (480)478-4053

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Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Refunds and Returns will be accepted for items that have not been opened, used, or damaged.
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